Door Outlet has been supplying surplus doors and mouldings for over 20 years in Austin. Our inventory of brand new doors have been discounted for various reasons such as minor scratch & dent (that you either won’t notice or that we can fix for you), overstocked items from large distributor warehouses, or customer/wholesaler mis-orders. We scour the nation for great deals, so you can get substantial discounts — as much as 80% off what you might pay retail. From the seasoned professional to the homeowner that just wants to replace a front door with something newer or a different style, Door Outlet can take care of your needs, large and small.

We carry a wide selection of interior and exterior doors, patio doors, and entry doors in all shapes and sizes. We also supply door hardware (locks, hinges, thresholds, etc), trim, moulding, baseboards, and millwork components such as stair parts and attic stairs.

We also handle a wide range of special order products from the nation’s leading manufacturers of doors. If it is out there we will get it….and for less than other retail outlets.

Stop by and browse, or call us at 1-512-836-1663 and let us know how we can help you get what you need for less!