Where does Door Outlet get doors?

We buy surplus doors and other materials from manufacturers and distributors from all over the nation.

Do you have to be a contractor to shop at Door Outlet? 

No, we are open to the public and most of our customers are homeowners, do-it-yourselfers, small volume builders, and local contractors.

What if I am not sure if I need to replace the door frame or just the door, or I need advice on door issues?

Feel free to call us or just stop by. Bring pictures, that is always helpful. Our staff is experienced with all types of door installations and we can most likely answer any questions you might have..

Do the doors carry any warranty?

While our stock of surplus doors do not, all of our special order doors carry the manufacturers warranty. The key is to get the right door for your application so that there should not be any warranty issues. If the proper door is used and properly installed the chance of warranty issues drops way off.